A Factory Audit or Supplier Audit is a systematic evaluation of the quality system and compliance level of a supplier.

The purpose of a quality control audit is to help our clients verify the capability and suitability of their suppliers. This factory assessment is typically carried out by an internal or external quality auditor or factory auditor. Typically, these services would start out with a standard supplier evaluation or factory assessment and trigger a process of continuous improvement. Explore our range of quality control audit offerings and capabilities by clicking below on the relevant area of quality compliance challenge required.

Effectively assess the quality of your supplier

Inspection services are often useful in assessing the quality of a product. However, detecting product defects is a reactive approach because detection comes after the product has already been made. Moreover, inspection only gives you a snapshot of a manufacturer’s quality performance. If you want to take a proactive quality assurance approach with your supplier, the focus should be on assessing two crucial components:

  1. Quality Management System
  2. Vendor Compliance

Quality Management System (QMS) – The quality of your product is supported by the level of operational excellence in any given manufacturing processes, which is in turn supported by an effective quality management system. Each manufacturing industry has their own industry specific QMS with which factories need to comply.

Vendor Compliance – The integrity of your suppliers is often determined by complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, as well as an internal code of conduct, policies and procedures, and other compliance requirements from your supply chain. Aside from standard regulations, many big retailers have their own Supplier Code of Conduct requirements to ensure the practice of responsible sourcing and to protect and maintain their brand value.

Zoominspect provides factory audits to assess the reliability of your potential and existing suppliers. We are ready to partner with your team to ensure your suppliers uphold the integrity of your company. We also establish a regular monitoring program to evaluate the supplier’s internal environment, ensure they operate efficiently, deliver high-quality products, and support a culture of continuous improvement.

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What We Offer?

Measuring Performance

Understand your current performance baseline and focus on the metrics you need to improve.

Concrete Actions

Determine the required actions based on the defined metrics from the formal audit and assessment.

Company Alignment

Ensure your supplier’s efforts are aligned to your goals and build both a win-win strategy and a long-term partnership.

Responsible Production

Elevate your brand’s image and be a genuinely responsible part of the global supply chain.

Sustained Performance

Establish control plans to sustain the newfound improved performance and strive for continuous improvement.