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Our Philosophy

We are your one-stop Quality Partner ready to deliver an efficient and ever evolving service that encompass every aspect of your supply chain.

“Zoom Inspect is a leading inspection company in China. We are proud to serve thousands of clients all across the world! Through our timely commitments and 100% thorough inspections we provide premium quality inspections that our unmatched in the entire market.”

Our Mission

“Offer Quality Assurance service to our clients, our product experts can help you to review your product at any production phase and provide a custom solution to any production challenge you might face!”

Our Vision

“Our mission is to provide high-end and customized services at minimum costs, although, this is a standard promise that you hear from most businesses, we at Zoom Inspect are committed to fully achieve this.”

Our Vision

“To offer our global network of quality technical experts together with our digital supply chain solutions, in order to deliver a transparent, real-time, total supply chain management experience.”

Quality Services

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We have market competent pricing with premium services to ensure that you get best value for your money.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

—-  $249

Starting from $249

This is carried out when your supplier has completed the order. We check that the product has been manufactured according to the highest standards before it is shipped.

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During Production

—-  $249

Starting from $249

Perfect for making sure that your product is being manufactured according to the best possible standards and with the correct craftsmanship, material and machinery.

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Factory Audit

—-  $350

Starting from $350

The best way to vet a supplier for their competency. We check if they have the proper skill, machinery, labor material and licenses to manufacture your product.

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Samples Inspection

—-  $195

Starting from $195

If you are planning to outsource products from China for FBA, you are surely considering samples from different suppliers. We inspect each one of them for you to be confident in the supplier you choose.

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Product Sourcing

—-  $670

Starting from $670

Still in the journey of choosing a reliable supplier in China with competent rates and best quality for your product? Stress no more, we will hunt for your best match to handle your product supply according to your terms.

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Freight Forwarding

—-  Cost Varies

By Sea, Air or Land

Have your inventory ready in China and planning to have it shipped in your desired country? Well, we are the perfect partners to handle your freight forwarding to any country in the world through sea, land or air!

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Patent & Trademark in China

—-  Cost Varies

China Patent/Trademark

Have a unique idea that you want to get manufactured from China, but you are afraid that the idea will be stolen right away? Do not stress yourself anymore, we will take care of the patent and trademark registration for you.

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Product Consolidation

—-  $50

Starting from $50

In case you do your marketing research before investing a huge chunk, we are sure you are considering samples from a lot of suppliers. We consolidate your samples in a single package and ship it right to your doorstep!

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Product Photography

—-  $300

Starting from $300

Having your sample made in China and waiting for the first product to arrive at your location just to get your creative journey started can be very frustrating. Let our expert photographers in China take care of that!

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